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CopyTrans 4.842 Crack Keygen (FULL)

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Hello friends, sorry for posting after a long time I was a bit busy. So here I am back with a very great software for my dear iPhone users. I had a iPhone long time back and I have to say I was very fed up with that iTunes. For example if I want to add a few songs in my iPhone what iTunes does is it does not just copy that songs it replace it with all my songs so if I have 100 songs it will get replace by that few songs.

Another problem is if you have done some customization to your iPhone iTunes might show a popup to restore the iPhone so in these cases CopyTrans 4.842 is a very useful software. The problem is CopyTrans 4.842 is not a free software it has a trail version but it has a lot of limitations. But no need to worry hackerx4pc gives you 100% free crack keygen to make it FULL version for free!!
Just follow the instructions and you will get it set all properly and get rid of iTunes :-)

CopyTrans 4.842 is the best recovery and backup software for iPhone, iPad and iPod. You can easily transfer music, pictures, videos from your computer to your iPhone, iPad and iPod. You can also transfer from your iOS to iTunes library.


Restore iTunes Library from iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Transfer music from iPod to computer.

Import iPod movies, videos, TV shows to iTunes.

Backup iPhone music, apps, videos.

Copy iPod playlist, artwork, ratings.

With a single click you can copy iPod to iTunes.

Backup all your iOS devices easily with this software.


1) Download the zip file from here:
( Don't worry it is a safe download )

2) Unzip the file and run the file  "Install_CopyTransControlCenter.exe" install the software.

3) Run "Keygen.exe" and follow the instructions!

4) Done!!

Leave your comments down and let me know if it is working for you. :-)

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Xilisoft Video Cutter 2 Key + Crack

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Xilisoft Video Cutter 2 Key + Crack. Hello friends and welcome to my new post. In this post I'm going to share Xilisoft Video Cutter 2 Key + Crack to make it full version for free. Key and crack both are needed to make Xilisoft Video Cutter full for free download. I am sure you will love this video cutter software. The crack and key both are 100% working and tested by me. hackerx4pc always gives their visitors 100% working cracks, serials, etc.

Xilisoft video cutter 2 is one of the best video cutter software in the market. Xilisoft video cutter is easy to use and powerful video cutter software. It can easily cut large video files and remove unwanted parts of the video like trailer, commercials, etc. Xilisoft video cutter supports most of the file formats like MP4, 3GP, MOV, ASF, AVI, MPEG, WMV, etc.

I choose to write a post on Xilisoft Video Cutter 2 because it is a bit east to video cutter software and it also supports many formats. It is not a very popular software but then also you can give it a try. crack and key are 100% working.

Xilisoft video cutter 2 features:
1) Easy to use user-friendly interference.
2) Easy to cut large video files.
3) Supports most of the file formats.
4) Cut of unwanted commercials and keep what you what.
5) Auto shut-down after the work is done feature also available.
6) Available in multiple languages. Eight languages are supported.

System requirements:

OS: Windows XP ( SP or later ), Windows vista

RAM: 256MB ( 512 is recommended )

Minimum 30MB free space for installation

16-bit graphics card or higher, super VGA (800*600)

This software is actually priced at $25.35 but no need to worry I'm giving you free key and crack which will make full version for free!!

Instructions for cracking Xilisoft Video Cutter:

1) Download the rar file which contains setup + key + crack from here:

2) Extract the rar file using winrar or any other software.
( password for the rar file : )

3) After extracting you will three files crack, key and setup

4) install xilisoft video cutter by running the setup "x-video-cutter2"

5) un-check " run xilisoft video cutter"

6) open the crack folder and copy the file named "imfc0.dll" and paste it to C:\Program Files\Xilisoft\Video Cutter 2  ( IMPORTANT : It will ask you three options you have to click on "copy and replace" )

7) Now open xilisoft video cutter from your desktop and go to settings and click "Enter license code"

8) Enter the user name as HackerX4pc and open the key file which you downloaded and copy any one of the license key / code and then paste it in the license code box and click register.

9) You will get a message "successfully registered".

10) Done !!! Enjoy!! you just learned how to hack xilisoft video cutter to use it for free for lifetime!
keep visiting for more cracks and hacks.

If you have any queries or suggestions feel free to ask in comments.

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Avira Antivirus 2014 License / Serial Key Free Download

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I am sharing Avira Antivirus 2014 License key / Serial Key, activation code, license file, product key, serial number. No patch, keygen, crack is needed.


Avira Antivirus 2014 is the latest security pack from Avira which includes the latest security updates. The new system scanner detects threats fast. People who do online shopping or banking should use avira antivirus to protect themselves from hackers. Hackers are finding more and more ways to fool antivirus and hack all the data of the computer but avira helps to protect from these hackers. Avira antivirus 2014 regularly updates his program to keep their users safe online while doing banking or shopping. Avira 2014 has a powerful firewall which blocks access to internet to unknown publishers. New root kit protect helps to find hidden viruses and delete them. Avira also have a live support for there users. With avira antivirus 2014 users can safely log in to their online accounts.

New improvements in Avira Antivirus 2014 :

1) Simple to use user-friendly interference.
2) Much faster and smarter than before.
3) Blocks hackers easily and keeps user secure all time.
4) Advance real time protection.
5) Powerful antivirus engine.

                    New Features of Avira Antivirus 2014:

1) The new Avira antivirus has much powerful antivirus engine.
2) Much faster virus removing.
3) Saves you from the latest viruses.
4) Much more.

Avira Antivirus 2014 is actually priced at 1,310 rupees (for 1 year) but no need to worry I am give you the license / serial key for free for 1 year.

Instructions to get Avira Antivirus 2014 free for 1 year:

1) Download Avira Antivirus 2014 setup from here :

2) Download Avira Antivirus 2014 License / Serial Key Free Download.rar file from here :
DOWNLOAD ( password : )

3) Extract the rar file which you downloaded in step 2 using winrar or any other software.

4) Install Avira Antivirus 2014 setup which you downloaded in step 1 ( install it as trail mode )

5) Now exit Avira.

6) Run the file named "BOX_ATR2.3 [Ronak Shewani]" which you downloaded in step 2.

7) Enjoy!!!!

8) Enjoy Avira Antivirus 2014 full free for 1 year!!

If you have any query or suggestion be free to ask in the comments.

Please take a second to say thank you if it worked for you.

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P.S. If you enjoyed this post entitled Avira Antivirus 2014 License / Serial Key Free Download please share it and comment below – I’d love to hear them.
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